The Premise


We want to help you find dynamic leaders to grow your organisation distinctively and transformatively.


The Process


As a former CEO, Rebecca Stewart, Founder of Goldstar Partners, will spend time with your organisation to see what makes it tick: its vision, its culture, its dynamics, its team.

She will be looking to understand –  in depth – the nature of the appointment and to identify any skill gaps in the leadership team.

Goldstar Partners will then use its global network to find the very best talent. Many of the top performers are not looking for a new job: our mission is to find them and challenge them to consider new things.  We look beyond the CV to find people whose passion and motivation match that of our clients.

It’s like panning for gold.


The Goldstar approach has 10 steps:

  1. Understand your organisation.
  2. Agree job description and acid test.
  3. Define search strategy.
  4. Undertake tailored research through global network.
  5. Lead Goldstar interviews.
  6. Present short-list.
  7. Host client interview day.
  8. Take full references.
  9. Facilitate appointment.
  10. Support transition.


The Person


The acid test is prepared around the 4 Cs of competence, character, chemistry and calling.

Does the candidate have the skills and experience you need – proven, honed, ready to shape and grow your organisation?

What sort of person is the candidate? Will s/he embody the ethos, grasp and grow the vision and inspire the stakeholders?

With all the competence in the world, the right cultural fit is vital. Will this person fit in your organisation and your team?

Is this the right move at the right time for both the candidate and the organisation?

Gold star: generates light and energy